In Laravel, each notification is represented by a single class that is typically stored in the app/Notifications directory.

Don’t worry if you don’t see this directory in your application. It will be created for you when you run the below artisan command


ie. php artisan make:notification TestNotification.php

Laravel documentation on how to create notification

Laravel notification can be used for many purpose as for example, sending SMS, Email etc.

In this post, I will discuss on how to send the notification or alert message to slack via Slack webhook url.

1. Install slack notification Channel

To integrate Slack notification in Laravel, you need to install the laravel/slack-notification-channel package.

You can simply run this command to install laravel package in your project:

composer require laravel/slack-notification-channel

GitHub :

2. Create Notification Class

Run below artisan command in your project. This command will create SendSlackNotification.php class inside app/Notifications folder

php artisan make:notification SendSlackNotification

New class will be created like this app/Notifications/SendSlackNotification.php

3. Configure file app/Notifications/SendSlackNotification class

Next configure file app/Notifications/SendSlackNotification.php class.

4. Create webhook and assign to Slack channel

Create Channel

Login to slack and create your notification channel. Here I am creating #test-slack-notification channel.

Create Channel

Create Slack app

Navigate to this URL: to crate Slack app.

Create slack app App

Enable Incoming Webhooks

CEnable Incoming Webhooks webhook Create App

Add Webhook URLs for Your Workspace

Add Webhook URLs for Your Workspace

Copy webhook URL

Copy webhook URL

4. Send Notification

Once you have Webhook URL, you can simply use that URL in you app to send the notification from your Laravel app to Slack channel. I have added below code on router to test the Notification.

5. Demo